Welcome to Fossoway Church




Fossoway St Serfs & Devonside Kirk


Welcome Group responsibilities for Sunday Morning Services



2 elders and one congregational member will be on duty to ensure that the church is welcoming and prepared for the minister and the congregation for morning worship.



Please arrive by 9.15 so that all is ready for the arrival of the first of the congregation. Some do like to arrive early for a quiet time before the service.

·         Welcome all worshippers into our church.

·         The first person on the list is responsible for ringing the bell.

      Bell to be rung by a member of ‘the bell group’ only because of the 

      structural fragility of the bell.

·         1 person to take in the Bible, lead in the minister and take out the bible

·         2 people to be responsible for uplifting the offering. Please be aware that many people no longer put money in the bag as they give by direct debit.

Welcomers can agree these responsibilities on the day.

·         Please ensure that there is a fresh glass of water in the pulpit and on the shelf of the communion table.

·         Light battery operated candles on the communion table and the ordinary Allepo candle. Lis will refresh our understanding as a light for peace and hope.

·         Check hymn board

·         Ensure that humidifiers are switched off at the beginning of the service and switched back on at the end of the service.

·         Ensure that all appropriate lights are switched on.

·         Have hymn books, orders of service sheets etc. ready to hand out.

·         One person to stay in entrance hall until the end of the first hymn to prevent any latecomers feeling uncomfortable.

·         Ensure families with young children are aware of the children’s activity bags for use during the service


As our entrance hall does get very busy at times please ensure that just Welcome Group members or their substitutes are there – and of course anyone who has specific things to hand out such as Life & Work.


·         At the end of the service please will

1     One person ensure that both the church and entrance hall are tidied, including bibles on pews.

2     Three people help with the count


If you are unable to make your duty please organise a swap with someone else on the rota.


Many thanks to you all for helping to make our church such a welcoming place for all worshipers.