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 About us

 The Crook of Devon is situated on the A977 about 6 miles south west of Kinross,.One of the focal points of village life is the Fossoway Parish church whose extension and church hall was finished in early 2000 AD. During the construction of the hall a time capsule was placed in the foundations containing the story of the life of the church in the 20th century. Also the churchyard contains one of the few 'Hearse Houses' still left in Scotland.

There has been Christian teaching in this area since the time of Serf. The earliest mention of a church in Fossoway was in 1462. The parish of Fossoway includes the settlements of Crook of Devon, Drum, Carnbo, Rumbling Bridge, Powmill and the accompanying rural areas, The parishes of Tullibole and Fossoway both had churches but united in 1614. The current church was built in 1729. Then in 1963 the Church of Scotland (St Serf's) and the Free Church (Devonside) were united to form the present church. Later, in 1980, Fossoway church was linked with Cleish. Presently there is an informal network of the churches in the Loch Leven area who work together in various ways.


Church Leadership Team



The Rev Lis Stenhouse


Session Clerk

Mrs Janet Harper



Mr Tom Mechan


We believe every member of the church has a part to play in our church life and mission.  Nearly everything we do is led and resourced by groups working under the Kirk Session.  We are always looking for new recruits and would encourage you to join one of our groups. 


Becoming a member of one of our groups is very flexible and open ended. Your participation will be in keeping with the time you are able to offer and in activities which suit your personal interests.


If you would like to find out more about our groups please email our Session Clerk, Janet Harper, (email: aclassicsoul@aol.com) with details of the group/s you would like to know more about and the relevant team co-ordinator will be very happy to get back to you with more information and, if you feel a group is for you,

there will be a warm welcome!


The Teams are:


The Spiritual Group

This group has two different dimensions:

1) Worship Support – Providing practical support to the minister for all forms of worship activity in the parish, including regular services and special worship events,

music, and Audio/visual.
2) Pastoral Church life – providing care for church members, especially in times and situations of need and in relation to: education, Bible Study, the House Group, the Prayer group and Messy Church.

Co-ordinators:  Gini Currie and Debbie Hill


The Outreach and Fundraising Group

This group has two different aspects:

1) The social aspects of church life and keeping folk informed about our mission and activities through the newsletter, website, posters etc. It also has a pastoral aspect (as it relates to the community), and is responsible for Refresh, and Film Night.

2) Raising funds to enable the church to provide the range of services that are available.

Co-ordinator: Janet Harper


The Function Group

This group has two different aspects:

1) Financial stewardship - ensuring that we have sufficient funds to meet all our commitments, and systems and procedures to monitor and control our finances
2) Property matters- Keeping the church building and grounds in good order, ensuring all Health and Safety standards and legal requirements are met, supervising hall bookings and the cleaning and heating of the building.

Co-ordinator: David Chisholm


 Where are we

Church Road,
Crook of Devon
KY13 0UY